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About Clickbank

ClickBank is a well established international online retailer with 200 million customers. It sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. From advice for getting in shape, healthy cooking recipes, programs for personal growth and dating advice.

How to use Clickbank

When you go to the Clickbank site, you choose the group category of products you are interested in. The Categories list is located at the left hand side of your screen.You are then taken to a list of items in that category. When you see an item that seems to meet your needs, you click on its thumbnail to arrive at a landing page where the item is fully described. Its cost is clearly set out. If you decide to purchase you click on the BUY NOW button and follow the directions from there.

Item Delivery

Purchased items are digitally delivered by Clickbank to your computer. The company operates a Customer Support service where requests for returns, refunds and complaints are taken care of.

Take Care Advice

While Clickbank is generally reported as a reliable retailer, the authenticity, quality and pricing of items is set by the item sellers. Occasionally, items may be less than they seem. It is up to you, as purchaser, to read item descriptions carefully and to make sure you are clear about the price asked  for. Please note that if you reside in the United Kingdom (or some parts of Europe) you may be required to pay VAT tax [approximately 20%] over and above the price quoted in the description. Details of the total price asked for will be set out in the item’s invoice before confirming payment. I understand that some American States may also impose taxes.

No financial gain is made by me or this site if you make a Clickbank purchase by following the link set out below.

To reach the Clickbank site, click on the link below: