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If you are a new visitor to the site, it is suggested that - after reading this page - you next visit the About page. This will explain how the site is set up and the content on each page. Enjoy your visit...


FREE EBOOK to help you get your life on track..

You can download this free ebook [PDF format] titled FREE LIFE COACHING.. It sets out a personal plan that you can use to make positive life changes within a four week time-frame. The ebook is based on the popular Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which is totally free and online. Read about the Plan and download the ebook on this site at the Phoenix Plan page. When you download the ebook or use the full Phoenix Plan you will never be asked to divulge your email or other personal particulars.

CHOOSE to be happy and at peace with life….

YOU are largely the architect of your own happiness and peace of mind..

Wealth, power and status alone do not guarantee personal peace and happiness

Poverty, trauma, low station in life are not insuperable obstacles to achieving a satisfying lifestyle.

Personal peace, happiness and a satisfying lifestyle are there for all to achieve. If you CHOOSE to have these things, regardless of most circumstances, you can attain them.

This site and the free online Phoenix Self-help Life Plan can help you to change your life for the better..

This site has been set up to help you.

If -at the moment - things in your life are not quite the way you would like them to be, you do have the option to make changes which will likely improve your lifestyle quality and make you a happier person.

Generally, to make worthwhile changes you need to first work out what is wrong with the way things are right now and come to an awareness of how you would like life to be. This, with effort on your part, can lead you to establish goals which - when achieved - can take you closer to where you want to be.

If, currently, you are depressed or deeply anxious about how your life is happening, it can be extremely difficult to find the energy and motivation to begin the work for personal positive change. You may need some support to get you started and to help you to maintain your effort to reach your self-chosen goals.

Of course, you can always seek counselling or hire a professional life coach, but these avenues can generally prove to be financially expensive and are not always the best way forward. This site is particularly aimed at those who cannot afford or do not wish to avail themselves of such professional services but are able and prepared to undertake a self-coaching adventure.

This site attempts to help you in this adventure and supplies you with some links to sources where you will find guidance on your journey for lifestyle improvement. Many resources are free and you are never persuaded to make any purchases.

One of the major free resources found here is the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. You can read about it on the Phoenix Plan page. This is my own creation and I believe that it will provide a blueprint and general guide for setting up a personal plan to take you forward. Step by step instructions are supplied as to how to evaluate your present lifestyle and how to select goals appropriate to your personal circumstances.

The Phoenix Plan is a not-for-profit program.If you choose to use it, you will never be required to purchase anything, register or subscribe to it in any way or asked to divulge your email or personal details. The program is not likely to require you to accept any values or beliefs which might be regarded as controversial. Nor does it have any links with any religious organisation, traditional or modern.

You will also have access to a free ebooks library where you can download as many books as you want without having to provide your email or any personal details.

If this site looks  as though it might meet some of your present needs, go to the About page and get an overview of the site contents. You can then decide what to do next..

Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018

Why not make the New Year a time for taking your life to where you want it to be?

The resources found on this site may help to take you there..